Bicycles are an amazing invention and we have the privilege to stand on the shoulders of everyone who has designed and built one before us from their inception to present day. A well though out, finely crafted and welded bicycle is a beautiful thing that can take you to places in the world often thought unimaginable. Here at Black Sheep we use the wealth of this knowledge to build the best bicycles possible. We manipulate and tweak the roots of machine, which has no limits. We never stop furthering ourselves as craftsman resulting in the quality of our bicycles which is forever increasing.

Black Sheep Bikes was born out of a flock of high quality, hand crafted bicycles here in this Titanium utopia we call Colorado. Black Sheep stands out in this flock with its signature aesthetic and ground breaking designs. Tuned race machines to all terrain phat bikes to monster truck 36ers, it is easy to see that Black Sheep can translate any wheel size and style of riding into a beautiful high performance machine.